10You need: 4 batteries, rubber bands, dead pen bodies, 4 tires in your locker in four weeks. Car instructions Here is the- Moodle car test link
1- Log on to your computer, we will start the day with The Global Carbon Cycle - Crash Course Chemistry #46 then we will talk about the atmosphere complete the and complete this PHet site Plate Tectonics at your computer. Plate tech
Evidence for Plate tectonics
Fossil Evidence
evidence (Evidence of at least 20 events with the last one gouging the Great Lakes from old river courses.
Geologic Fit of Continents
(Like a _ puzzle)
Distribution and Pattern of (Magma upwelling)
Distribution and Pattern of (Plate s grinding)
Pattern of seafloor ages
Radiometric Dating
Ages of island chains (Hawaii)
Chemical composition of rocks
Mountain ranges
Global Positioning Satellites ()
Ring of fire is where most volcanoes an earthquakes occur.
against each other.
_ arcs or hotspots like the Hawaiian chain.

Space Unit Focus Questions

  1. What evidence and experimental methods help us understand the structure and origin of the universe?
  2. How does the formation of Earth relate to the formation of our galaxy?
  3. What is the origin of the energy that powers stars and reaches Earth?
  4. How are elements and energy produced by stars?
  5. What causes Seasons?
  6. What causes Moon Phases/
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTdeYyAjLuDbq8Y5q2ECYhDoWgVwjYXDsBsQ4uzZzHnv0Ofa5jpWA
Apollo 13 50 min.
13Apollo 13- 40 min.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSsA8RROdKeHUxlIM4QzeWP6vhSzZco2dehwsDceQxEfa_hxFyvFA
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSlBK_-cQ4Yx7w1tYCCh9XqKDLKJbTcHWHmcNSX4-Nzgnv5t-v3

Helpful Social Hint-

When addressing an adult, boss

or someone with more education

or money than you, answer by saying

"Yes sir" or No Ma'am.

Nodding or any other form of

yes/no is not acceptable.

14 Good Friday
No school

Apollo 13 50 min. wrap up

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRsf4raBgQh6WqgZWawaFhXyQ3UNQgUnjjAfkQmQy4-j9HMPjB1Qw
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoLL5RD5M65VPMosL9WOSQdOv1Utp3PcjqcpI5DqvTW2jbiklw0sSFCNb_
Helpful Social Hint-

Make eye contact. When someone is

speaking, keeps eyes focused on bridge

of nose at all times, if someone makes

a comment, turn and face them.


Helpful Social Hint-

If you win, do not brag, if you lose,

do not show anger

Forces Balanced and not lab Bell Jar and vacuums
Hydraulic Jack Lab

Gravity Force Lab

Angular Momentum Lab

Predict the inner structure

of a disk based on time

Black Disks on rails

Water 2-L angular momentum


French waiter

Magnets- Minute physics

Newton’s Nightmare

Drop one weight into the tube and the weight drops to the ground works! Drop this second weight into the aluminum tube and… that’s why it is called Newton’s Nightmare!

Review Newton's three laws

(Fan Cart Demo using Vectors)

and Ballistic cart demo Graphing

Sensei Science

Vectors **Vector** **Addition**

Test Questions

PHet Angular Mo

Balloon penny/hex nut Centripetal force

2-D collsion

PhET 2D Collision Lab.docx

Khan 2-D

Motion in 2D

Marble 2-D Collision lab gather data.

Marble 2-D Collision- Shoot for grades.

Lunar Phases


Develop and use a model of the

Earth-sun-moon system to describe

the cyclic patterns of lunar phases,

eclipses of the sun and moon, and


La Luna
Ingenious edible science chart.
Ingenious edible science chart.

Space intro

Khan Academy links- See
Home page!
Transformation of elements
Here is today
Canvas rider
Slow-mo water impacts
Blow things up
No breathing
Unicorn meat for sale
Flabby Physics
Force field
Ragdoll Physics
Phage wars
Tuning Fork
Smoke ring crash
Nuke power
Matchbox navy
Social Hint-
If someone wins or does something well,
congratulate them. Claps should be at
least three seconds in length, and
volume should be the correct volume for the situation.
Social Hint-
Respect others students comments,
opinions and ideas

Black disk angular momentum

Pressure Lab with hydraulic sensors

The story of Bottled water
Engineering Pen Lab
Which graph best represents the relationship between the gravitational attraction of two objects and their distance from each other? (Accretion/Cosmic Crush Game)
LT- E5.2C Describe how nuclear fusion produces energy in the Sun.
Life Cycle of a Star Lab
Why is the universe the way it is?

Helpful Social Hint-
If you are asked a question in a
conversation ask a question in return.
LT- E5.2f Use the H-R diagram to explain the life cycles of stars.
H-R Diagram Lab
CERN's supercollider

Helpful Social Hint-
Cover your mouth when you sneeze, or cough, and then say excuse me!
LT- E5.2h Compare the evolution paths of low-, moderate-, and high-mass
Big Bang on a Plate Lab

Notebook Question:

Standing Waves
LT-E5.1d Differentiate between the cosmological
and Doppler red shift.
Expanding Rubber verse Lab

Notebook Question:

Super critical Water
Stop Disasters
Water uphill
Mass Attack
LT- E5.2C Describe how nuclear fusion produces energy in the Sun.
Interview with Einstein Layers of a 10 and 40 mass star
How light is made
How light is made
Coolest planet EVER
Grow Cube
How big is the universe?
PBS Spacetime
Blue Crude
Discount Plane
Google Gravity Glue
Universe magnified go full screen
Hubble Deep Field
After the storm
Da vinci
LT- E5.2C Describe how nuclear fusion produces energy in the Sun, Radioactive decay in elements.

Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in ten days.
Notebook Question:
How much of the original radioactive material would be left in a sample after the radioactive decay of three half lives?

Helpful Social Hint-
Do not ask for a reward
LT-E5.2g Explain the balance between fusion and gravity in a star (equilibrium).
Star walk through size of stars and forces.
Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in nine days.
What is light (Review of 7th grade)
How stars make light and life of star. 6 min
Spectroscopy of stars 4 min.
Spectroscope Slide- 4 min.
Spectroscope lab- 20 min.
Light Inverse Square Law - 2 min.
Doppler Effect Demo 2 min.
Board Doppler shift Demo- 1 min.
Star Spectra- 10 min.
external image img254.gif
LT- E5.2C Describe how nuclear fusion produces energy in the Sun.
Spectroscope Lab

Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in eight days.

Log into your computer and go to these links: How a Spectroscope works Spectroscope Photon Doppler effect Moon Jane's World

external image g23_spectroscope.gif

Helpful Social Hint-
Know all staff last names and
greet them by name.
LT- E5.2e Explain how you can infer the temperature, life span, and mass of a star from a spectroscope
Spectroscope Lab

Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in seven days.

external image HR%20Diagram(units).jpg?itok=_fzFzels
LT- E5.2AIdentify patterns in solar activities (sunspot cycle, solar flares, and solar storms)
Sun Spot Lab
Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in six days.
Notebook Question:
Describe the pattern you see in sunspot numbers over time.
Helpful Social Hint-
Stairs, escalators, roads,....
Walk/Drive on the right
hand side, pass on the left
LT-E5.1A Describe the overall scale, structure, and age of the universe.
Notebook Question:
According to the Big Bang theory, which graph best represents the relationship between time and the size of the universe from the beginning of the universe to the present?

Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in five days.

Helpful Social Hint-
When in a line, keep your arms at
your side and move quietly
LT- E5.1b Accreation of stars and planets
Notebook Question:
The pictures below show the process we have observed trillions of times in the sky of the process of solar system formation. This process is called

Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in four days.

Helpful Social Hint-
Never cut in a line.
LT-E5.3B Describe how radioactive decay of radioactive elements are used to date objects.
Radioactive Decay Lab Part 1
Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in three days.
Notebook Question:
The amount of time it takes a radioactive element to turn into another element (daughter element) is called its

Log on to your computer and then go to these sites: You have 5 minutes to view all three sites below;

NASA Warp Drive

Helpful Social Hint-
Open doors and pull out chairs for females
LT-E5.3B Describe how radioactive decay of radioactive elements are used to date objects.
Radioactive Decay Lab Part 2
We will start the day with the following video followed by a hands on paper simulation and graphing project in your notebook.
Half Life
Half Life- BN 2 min.
Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in two days.
Notebook Question:
Using the idea of radioactive Carbon 14, which of the numbered samples is the oldest?

Helpful Social Hint-
No talking during lectures,
live theater, or movies. organized as possible
EOY TEST 87 questions, it is adaptive so you will never get the same question more than twice!)
You must get 90% to continue with labs this year.
(The grade this year, is just that a grade, but I want to make sure you know it well for the 11th grade M-Step before you are off to HS, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!)
LT- Using scientific evidence to reach a conclusion.
Car Project- Moodle Car Test Timeline- Due in one days.
Notebook Question:
Which graph to the right would MOST likely show the decay of radioactive C-14 over time?

Helpful Social Hint-
Stand up for what you believe in.
Choose to do the hard things BECAUSE they are hard!